Fritz  Spritz Hair Hydration

Fritz Spritz Hair Hydration

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We all know of Vitamin E is known for its benefits to hair and skin. Vitamin E Oil is derived from Rice Bran, and has the ability to deeply penetrate your skin and nourishes within. Your skin feels healthy and soft. Rice Bran is extracted from the hull of rice.  A well kept secret of the Asia, Japan specifically. Quench your hair with Fritz Spritz leave-in hydrating spritz. Shake before using. The women of Japan have been know to apply Rice Bran Oil to their skin. Known as “Rice Bran Beauties”. On the other hand, just like the skin, it can also protect your hair from sun,wind, and cold damages. Rice bran oil normalize the oiliness of your scalp. Strength your roots and if messaged into the scalp help prevent dandruff. Available, I have blended for your daily or in-between Shampoo(s), BareNatural’s Handmade Rice Water Spritz. Blended with rice water, rice bran oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Vitamin E oil and various blends of Essential Oils. You can feel the peppermint on your scalp giving you a clean fresh breeze. Great for natural hair & braids  Paraben, Sulfate and Silicone Free.


16oz size