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Posted by Constance Redfearn on

Let me tell you my story,

I started hand making my soaps, which allow me to control what was in my cleansing bar. I suffered with eczema and I found, that the store brought soap had too much harsh ingredients that just plain irritated my skin. I found myself with red, itchy, and dry skin. I decided to make my own soaps, using all natural ingredients. So I'am extending personally my handmade cleansing bars from my shower to yours.  My skin feel so clean and fresh leaving my skin well hydrated. You will noticed the difference too. I enjoy making soaps as a very relaxing hobby and just knowing whats in my cleansing bar.  

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  • I’m glad I’ve found soaps with natural ingredients. They leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized. It’s also great that these soaps are gentle enough to use on my face as well.

    Andrea Garner on
  • I’ve had the same issues all my life and have tried almost everything. Lots of companies have all natural soaps, but are way too expensive. Thanks to you, I can buy affordable all natural products and have great, smooth, soft, moisturized skin.

    Shanna Redfearn on

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