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I can’t wait to introduce my new line of products.  You will be just as amazed  as I am. BareNatural’s body lotions in a Jar. Coming soon !

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  • I used the Cherry Blossom and Pomegranate and the Oatmeal and Milk Honey Exfoliating Cleansing Bar. This soap is absolutely AMAZING! I love the subtle natural smell..gentle enough for anyone with sensitive skin. Also it has a rich creamy lather and moistures your skin really well…it leaves your skin feeling perfectly soft…I look forward to ordering more and more!


    Lynn on
  • Hello my Little Bubbly, I want to discuss the benefits of Exfoliating. Rid the skin layers of dead dry-shedding cell is one of the most important regimens for your skin. After our skin sheds, there are left over dead skin cells. Sometimes we can feel the dryness and roughness. The dead cell makes the complexion look dull,dry and rough. In the process interfere with Oil secretion from the pores, which results in breakouts and blemishes. So as you can see that exfoliating is essential for removing dead skin cells.
    Cleanses the pores,
    improve blood circulation.
    Allowing how we preceive our
    facial products that is intended to moisturizers and absorb. Leaving a healthier much more youthful appearance.

    Creator of BareNatural’s Handmade Soaps

    Constance on

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